3D Gradebook Beta Testing

It’s been over a month since I presented at UCET, and I’ve been steadily working on the 3D Gradebook since then to get it ready for testing.  I think we are finally at that point.  I still have some things to do:

  1. Create an email feature, so progress reports and class updates can be sent out to students and parents.
  2. Create a student view that will allow students to log in and see their missing assignments and current performance levels (the back end of this is already finished)
  3. Create a PLC view that will tie a group of teachers together and allow them to share data.
  4. Work on mobile compatibility.  It will never be awesome on mobile (there is too much information on each page), but it should be usable.
  5. Fix a few persistent annoyances.

However, the base functionality is there, and I would like to start work with volunteers to get this thing tested and ready for the big time.  If you are interested in testing, please comment below or email me at jeff@3dgradebook.com.  I will send you a username and a password so you can start testing.

I will be posting tutorial videos over the next couple of days to help everyone get going.